Those to benefit from the project shall be the school going children, disadvantaged youth, members, and the entire African_projectcommunity of the project target areas.

Population: 500,000

Contact Person:
Rev. Phillip Sallu Kamara
(Executive Coordinator/Liaison)
Primm Tabernacle AME Church

Implementing Agents:
Raising ENT. First AME Church, Richard Allen High School Ministry of Social Welfare Youth & Sports.

Duration of Project:
On-going Project.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To bring out the excellence in human nature in times of adversity through the spirit of Humanitarianism
  2. To contribute to the skill training equipment and build schools to cater for the education of refugees and displaced school returnees. Since Sierra Leone is one of the least developed countries in the world with one of the lowest literacy output especially women and youths. The government of Sierra Leone recognizes that all available human resources need to be harvested to achieve maximum development based on optimizing productivity levels approximately 60% of the nation’s population, most of who live in rural areas.

Monitoring and Evaluation
The Project will be monitored by CAARD through a participatory approach mechanism. The founders, head teachers, School community executives and CAARD will regularly discuss factors that will exchange the implementation of
the project or identify possible bottle necks in the implementing process. The achievements of projects will be evaluated by card through the assessment of the main and specific object of the project.

Institutional Capacity
CAARD is the implementing monitoring and evaluation agency is a registered local (CBO) Community Base Organization with ministry of social welfare who is familiar with the schools, centers and the community environment. CAARD has trained qualified social workers and engineers who would supervise the implementation.

Project Program
Stands to undertake the following in its program

  1. Computer as the major, mason and carpentry/joinery
  2. Agricultural Activities
  3. Adult Literacy

Project Constraints

  1. Financial Assistance not coming
  2. Lack of equipment and materials